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Sony CEO Kaz Hirai to host meeting on April 12th, 'One Sony' strategy likely focus

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President and CEO of Sony Kaz Hirai will be speaking at a corporate meeting next week where he will discuss the company's future strategy.

sony tv logo
sony tv logo

Sony boss Kaz Hirai has already unveiled a four-point plan to turn the electronic giant around, and it looks like he still has a few more announcements about the direction of the company. Hirai, who officially became President and CEO on April 1st, will be speaking at a corporate strategy meeting taking place on April 12th — though no real details were given about what exactly he'll be discussing. When he first took the job Hirai said that Sony will need to focus on strengths like digital imaging and gaming, while potentially moving into new areas like medical technology. Whether or not the upcoming strategy meeting will expand on these concepts or offer up new ideas remains unclear, but chances are good that it will focus on the company's new "One Sony" business structure. The meeting will be available to watch as a webcast starting at 5:00PM JST (4:00AM EST), viewable at the source link below.