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Sprint Nexus S 4G finally gets official Android 4.0, download available now

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Sprint has made an official Android 4.0 update available for the Nexus S 4G, over three months after it rolled out for the GSM version of the same device.

nexus s ice cream sandwich
nexus s ice cream sandwich

Once upon a time, the Nexus S was supposedly the phone to buy if you wanted the latest and greatest Android had to offer in a timely fashion. Then, Sprint's Nexus S 4G became a second-class citizen last December, as only the GSM models of the Nexus S got the new operating system. Today, the woe ends: Sprint has just made Android 4.0.4 available. Over-the-air updates of firmware update IMM76D begin rolling out today, and Sprint says "all users should receive the update in the next month." You may not have to wait. Check your phone's System Updates menu from Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates and see if you can begin your Ice Cream Sandwich download straightaway. You can also find the changelog at our source link, which doesn't list any WiMAX improvements.