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Robot rock: HUBOs play 'Come Together' by The Beatles

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Four HUBO robots have Come Together to form a Beatles cover band.

the hubos
the hubos

HUBO is a robot designed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and four of them have gathered in one place to perform the Beatles' Come Together. Slightly predictable song choice aside, the arrangement by Matthew Prockup, a student at the Music & Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET), is pretty impressive. This isn't a case of simple robots carrying out programmed instructions — the HUBO is a multipurpose bipedal robot that's able to interpret a musical score in real time and make the appropriate gestures, and all the sounds you hear in the video below were performed by the robots themselves.

Prockup created three custom "Hubophones" for the John, Paul, and George facsimiles to play, with the fourth member on what looks like a traditional drum kit. We may have some way to go before we can produce a truly guitar-playing robot, but at least a Ringo Starr drum beat is well within our grasp.