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Yahoo product head Blake Irving resigns amidst massive restructuring

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In the wake of massive layoffs, Yahoo Chief Product Officer Blake Irving has resigned from the company.

Yahoo Bldg
Yahoo Bldg

As expected, Yahoo announced yesterday that it would be laying off 2,000 employees as part of a restructuring effort under the guidance of CEO Scott Thompson. It appears the company's chief product officer has also left the building, with AllThingsD reporting that Blake Irving has resigned. The move comes after tensions had reportedly grown between Irving and Thompson, with the former disagreeing both with the new direction the company is being taken in as well as the large number of job cuts — many of which targeted departments Irving himself oversaw. According to AllThingsD, the departure had been planned well in advance, with another restructuring set to be announced next week that will see the company's product division thoroughly reshuffled. A Yahoo spokesperson confirmed the departure, telling AllThingsD that "Yahoo wishes him all the success in the future."