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Google turns to crowdsourcing for indoor maps initiative

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Google has released Google Maps Floor Plan Marker for Android, an app the company expects to improve the indoor positioning accuracy of its Google Maps software.

Google Maps floor plan marker
Google Maps floor plan marker

Google's indoor maps initiative ultimately won't do us any good if we can't figure out where we're standing in the first place. With that in mind, the folks in Mountain View are taking measures to improve indoor positioning accuracy with a new app known as Google Maps Floor Plan Marker for Android. It's important to emphasize that this app is intended only for those that have provided the company with floor plans for an indoor venue. Google flatly states that the software will primarily be of interest "to map enthusiasts and venue owners," and hopefully that disclaimer will be enough to ward off erroneous downloads.

Those that have taken part in the program will now have the opportunity to survey those corresponding indoor environments and help fine tune Google's geolocation abilities for a particular space. Following the on-screen instructions will allow Google to gather data on nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and triangulate cell tower signals as you walk to improve its understanding of your exact position. Google Maps Floor Plan Marker is a free download available now and compatible with all Android devices (tablets included) running version 2.3 and up.