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'Football Manager Handheld 2012' coming to Android next week

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Sports Interactive has announced plans to release Football Manager Handheld 2012 for Android on April 11th.

football manager handheld
football manager handheld

Sports Interactive's hugely successful Football Manager series is getting an Android version for the first time. Football Manager Handheld 2012 came out for iOS last year, and is similar to the PSP version of the stat-crunching soccer simulation for PC and Mac. The portable versions aren't quite as in-depth as you'll get on your computer, and this isn't a game like the FIFA series where you play out each match yourself, but there's still a huge amount of micro-managing action to be found in the transfers, tactics, team selection, and more. The game will be out on April 11th in the Google Play Store at first, will run on devices with Android 2.2 or above, and will cost £6.99 — the same price it goes for on the iOS App Store, suggesting a $9.99 price point for the (unconfirmed) US release.