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Google Project Glass modeled by Sergey Brin: first high-res photos

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Sergey Brin Project Glass
Sergey Brin Project Glass

High-res images have now emerged of Sergey Brin stepping out wearing Google's Project Glass heads-up eyeglasses at a charity event last evening. These are the first good photos of a "real" human — a non-model — wearing them in the real world, so we have a better idea of what they'll look like on the streets. And is there anyone more appropriate than one of Google's co-founders to do the honors?

There's no evidence that Brin's unit was fully functional. Robert Scoble said that he saw light being emitted from it, but he wasn't able to try it on himself; indeed, Brin commented to us that it basically just reboots right now. Also notable is the thickness of the viewfinder — we weren't able to get a good sense of that from the company's original press images.