Android Market (Play Store) and the case of the broken search


So I have become more and more frustrated by Google and their core product, search. Today I tried searching for an app that was reviewed by the Verge "Tasks Free". So I decided to go search for and install this interesting sounding app. I open the Play Store and search for: Tasks. About 8 pages down I find the pay version of the one I want, this is understandable since there are lots of apps with Tasks in them. So I search for: Tasks Free. Now since this is the exact name of the app I want you would think this would show up first, but 9 pages latter there it is. I can put it in quotes and get the right one at the top but this still seems broken. If I search Tasks Free and I get results above the correct one that don't have both Tasks and free in the title I think something is wrong. I just had to complain a little because if Google does one thing right on android you would think it would be search.