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AT&T will start unlocking out-of-contract iPhones this weekend

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AT&T will begin unlocking out-of-contract iPhones for customers who request it beginning this Sunday, April 8th.

iphone sim
iphone sim

Though AT&T will generally agree to unlock most phones after a period of time for customers in good standing, the iPhone has been a troubling exception ever since its release nearly five years ago. Rumor has it that Apple — and even CEO Tim Cook himself — have started putting pressure on AT&T to unlock off-contract iPhones in recent weeks, and the carrier has finally agreed to make it standard policy beginning this Sunday, April 8th: if you've got an iPhone with AT&T service and you're not under contract, all you should need to do is ask. Once unlocked, you'd be able to use the phone on any GSM carrier that can give you a SIM card, potentially making international trips a whole lot less expensive if you can pick up a local SIM once you arrive at your destination.