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Amazon Studios announces slate of films for development and two writing assignments

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Amazon Studios has announced a set of films slated for development, along with a few new submission policies for would-be writers and two open assignments that could pay up to $33,000.

I think my facebook friend is dead
I think my facebook friend is dead

Amazon Studios, the crowdsourced screenwriting and filmmaking project by the bookselling giant, has announced its "Development Slate," a set of the "most promising" ideas to come out of the pitches it's received. Among those, it's offering $33,000 to rewrite either of two projects: fairy-tale comedy 12 Princesses and I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead, a story about an introverted teen trying to save his Facebook crush. A few projects on the slate have professional producers attached, but it looks like most are still in the early stages of scriptwriting.

For writers who want to submit their own proposals, Amazon is also tweaking its submission policies. Submissions can now be considered privately as well as publicly, and Amazon says it will respond to each within 45 days, letting the author know whether their script will be optioned for $10,000. If you're interested in participating, you can check out the guidelines here. If you just want to see what the project's best minds have delivered, we'd recommend Facebook Friend and Touching Blue.