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    Comcast launching HBO Go on Xbox 'early next week'

    Comcast launching HBO Go on Xbox 'early next week'


    Comcast has announced that its subscribers will soon be able to access HBO Go, which provides streaming content from the network, on the Xbox 360. HBO Go had previously been available from other providers, but not Comcast or Time Warner.

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    Last week, a whole host of media apps, including HBO Go, launched for the Xbox 360. But until now, Comcast customers have been locked out of getting HBO Go. Now, according to a post on Comcast's official blog, that's about to change. Starting "early next week," subscribers will be able to access HBO content directly through its app, rather than being limited to what's available through the current Xfinity On Demand service. When the app is available, the same account information will work for both Xfinity and HBO Go. This announcement makes Time Warner Cable the only provider that has yet to launch the app. However, according to recent reports, it's also "close" to making a deal that will bring HBO Go to its subscribers.