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Nokia Lumia 900 arriving early for some pre-order customers

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The Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T, scheduled for release on Sunday, April 8th, has started arriving early for some customers who pre-ordered.

Nokia Lumia 900 hero (1024px)
Nokia Lumia 900 hero (1024px)

Though it officially launches in AT&T stores this coming Sunday, April 8th, the Lumia 900 was up for pre-order late last month — and we now have word from users in our forums that the phone is starting to show up. The 4.3-inch, LTE-enabled Windows Phone is an extraordinarily big deal for Microsoft and Nokia alike: Redmond is awaiting its first runaway blockbuster success for the platform here in the US, and Nokia is looking to make a smooth transition away from Symbian with as little pain as possible. AT&T appears to be taking the 900 pretty seriously, too — the carrier calls it "the smartphone everyone is talking about" on its official pre-order page.

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