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Vimeo iOS app adjusts video quality based on connection, can stream at up to 1080p

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Vimeo's iPhone and iPad app has been updated to that it can now adjust video quality based on your network connection.

vimeo ios
vimeo ios

Vimeo has issued an update for its iPhone and iPad app, which can now automatically adjust the quality of videos based on your network connection and the device you're using. The app — which also received a major user interface overhaul back in February — can now stream content at 720p and 1080p, provided you have a good enough connection. Vimeo says that the update also makes buffering "more reliable," and things have been optimized so that booting up a new clip is faster. There are a handful of other minor fixes included, and you can grab version 2.0.2 of the app from the source link below.