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Instagram for Android update adds tablet and Wi-Fi device support

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The Instagram team has updated its Android app yet again, adding support for tablets and Wi-Fi devices.

Instagram Android Tablet 1024 stock
Instagram Android Tablet 1024 stock

Just a few days after its launch on Android, the Instagram app is getting yet another update — that's three, if you're counting — that brings support to tablets and Wi-Fi handsets like the Galaxy S Wi-Fi. The new 1.0.3 update is available now from the Google Play Store, and while it's running at our Transformer Prime's native resolution, it looks like an scaled up version of the phone UI. You can also now install it on an SD card, and the update fixes an audio mute bug that appeared during photo capture. Unfortunately, HTC One X users are still out of luck, but the update brings Instagram to many more devices and now there's yet another way for you to look ridiculous taking pictures with a tablet.

Thanks, OhAaron