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Asus confirms Transformer Prime GPS dongle, signups begin April 16th

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Asus has confirmed that it will be offering Transformer Prime owners a GPS dongle to fix the tablet's positioning woes. Registration will begin on April 16th, with units shipping "around two weeks" later.

Asus Transformer Prime Android Honeycomb Update Logo
Asus Transformer Prime Android Honeycomb Update Logo

We heard on Thursday that Asus was working on releasing a free GPS dongle to Transformer Prime owners to help fix some of the tablet's positioning woes, and now the company has confirmed to AllThingsD that the rumors are true. Details are still slim, but Asus says that it will reveal the full program come April 16th, when it will allow customers to register for the dongle on their website. Unfortunately, the company has not said whether or not the accessory will be offered free of charge. Either way, it looks like you may be able to use your Transformer Prime's GPS sooner rather than later — the company says it'll take "around two weeks" to ship the dongles after registration. We still haven't caught a glimpse of the accessory, but xda-developers members said that it connects to the tablet's proprietary connector and is "minimalist" in design.