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Tweetbot 2.2 for iOS syncs timeline, DM, and mute settings to iCloud

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Popular iOS Twitter app Tweetbot has been updated to version 2.2, adding in iCloud syncing for timeline positions, direct message read statuses, and mute settings.

tweetbot 2.2
tweetbot 2.2

Developer Tapbots has updated its popular iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, to version 2.2 on both the iPad and iPhone. The biggest addition in the update by far is the ability to sync Tweetbot with an iCloud account. Previously, users were able to sync their timeline positions across various Twitter clients using the Tweet Marker service, but no other settings were shared between apps. Now when using iCloud syncing in Tweetbot, timeline positions, direct message read statuses, and mute settings are all matched up across various iOS devices running the app. The downside to this is that you can only take advantage of these features when going between various Tweetbot instances; iCloud syncing won't be reflected in any other Twitter app, thanks to iCloud's sandboxing. We're still not quite at the continuous client future that iCloud syncing has hinted at, but it's a promising move.

Other additions to Tweetbot 2.2 include inline thumbnail previews for tweets that contain links to the App Store and YouTube videos, as well as various bug fixes. Both versions are available now.