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Watch this: Notch livestreams the coding of '0x10c'

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"Minecraft" creator Notch is livestreaming the creation of his new game, "0x10c," live on the internet.

Notch codes 0x10c live
Notch codes 0x10c live

Minecraft creator Markus Alexej Persson — also known as Notch — recently announced that his next game would be a sci-fi title called 0x10c. If you can't wait to get a look at what Notch has in store, you're in luck: he's currently coding the game, and broadcasting his efforts live on It's hard to get a sense of what the final gaming experience will be like, though when Notch steps into the game itself framerates rarely seem to drop below 1000fps. Graphically, the world of 0x10c appears to be one of shaded polygons, a departure from the 8-bit pixel art of Minecraft. We can't help but hope Notch sparks another trend in this regard, with the stylized world of polygons and vector art holding an equally nostalgic place in our retro-gaming hearts.