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    Samsung's flexible, 'unbreakable' AMOLED displays to be called 'Youm'

    Samsung's flexible, 'unbreakable' AMOLED displays to be called 'Youm'


    A new page on Samsung's Korean Mobile Display website reveals that the company's flexible AMOLED displays will be called "Youm." We previously heard that the company would ship the displays sometime this year, but that date appears to be in jeopardy.

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    Samsung's upcoming flexible AMOLED displays now have a name: "Youm." The branding comes from a new page on the Korean Samsung Mobile Display website, which offers little else other than the new name. The company has entered an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office for Youm, and the logo below is included in the filing. Other than the name, Samsung's site offers a quick comparison between the new technology, LCD, and OLED. The only difference between the standard OLED and its flexible counterpart is the use of film instead of glass, which the company claims makes the display "thinner, lighter, and unbreakable." A name certainly means we're one step closer to seeing these displays hit the market, but Samsung's estimate of a 2012 release is just that — an estimate — and its Liquavista electrowetting displays have already been slated for a 2013 debut. If you can't wait that long, LG's flexible e-paper displays are already in production and are set to be available in Europe as soon as this month.