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    Bravo looks to Silicon Valley and lolcats for new reality TV shows

    Bravo looks to Silicon Valley and lolcats for new reality TV shows


    Bravo has announced two new tech-related shows: "Silicon Valley," which follows the exploits of young professionals trying to make it big in the titular region, and "Huh?", an insider look at the offices of

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    TV network Bravo has given the green light to a new reality show that will follow the exploits of various 20-somethings as they look to make it big in the tech-centric world of northern California. Tentatively titled "Silicon Valley," the series will be produced by Randi Zuckerberg — Mark Zuckerberg's sister and Facebook's former marketing director. As VentureBeat notes, Bravo began casting for the series last year, putting out a call on Craigslist for "confident professionals with big personalities." From the brief preview clip (which you can check out starting at the 1:19 mark of the video below), it's fairly obvious that the network succeeded at finding these people, as it looks like the show is going to focus more on outlandish situations and personalities rather than working day and night to try to get a startup off the ground.

    The preview has drawn the ire of some Silicon Valley insiders, including Pando Daily founder Sarah Lacey, who says the show "is quite literally making us look like 'The Jersey Shore,' only without the tans." Zuckerberg responded to the criticism in a note on her Facebook page, saying that the show is meant to follow the lives of people trying to breakout in the tech industry rather than represent all of Silicon Valley. We might suggest changing the show's name, if that's the case.

    If this on-screen (and off-screen) drama is a bit much for you, Bravo has also announced "Huh?", a show that takes viewers inside the offices of the cat macro mavens at Our guess is this will be a little less controversial. Bravo hasn't announced when either show will debut.