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Raspberry Pi completes CE compliance testing, clears the way for UK sales to resume

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raspberry pi
raspberry pi

The introduction of the Raspberry Pi hasn't been without its hiccups: the initial batch sold out near-instantaneously, and further production was then held up due to the Raspberry Pi Foundation's manufacturing partner sourcing the wrong type of ethernet jacks. The latest speedbump was due to the miniature computer not having undergone proper CE compliance testing — but it appears that hurdle has been cleared. In a post on its blog, the foundation reports that after a week of evaluation, the Raspberry Pi has passed the required electromagnetic compatibility testing, with no changes to the hardware required. The foundation also ensured that the device passed muster with the FCC, as well as Canadian and Australian regulatory agencies. Paperwork will still need to be processed before the two UK distributors that had balked at the certification-free version of the device will resume sales, but it should be just a matter of time before the miniature machine begins flowing freely into consumer's hands once again.