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James Cameron's 'Final Word' on the sinking of Titanic airs tonight on National Geographic

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Director James Cameron has assembled a team of experts and historians to lay out the most accurate depiction of the Titanic's sinking yet.

titanic nat geo
titanic nat geo

Academy Award-winning director James Cameron is a man consumed by the mysteries of the sea. Coinciding with the 3D theatrical re-release of his blockbuster (and heavily fictionalized) Hollywood romance Titanic, Cameron assembled a proverbial dream team of experts and historians in an effort to piece together the most detailed account of all that occurred during the ocean liner's ill-fated April 15, 1912 journey. "There have been a lot of ideas, a lot of theories," says the director. "It's time to just say, 'this is what really happened to the best of our collective knowledge.'"

National Geographic Channel will air the special, Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron, tonight at 8PM ET. With a title like that, we're expecting Cameron and company to pull out all the stops. For a sneak peek, check out the CGI reenactment of the ship's destruction below, and tune in just a short while from now for the whole story on Cameron's discoveries.