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Pink Samsung Galaxy Note available in Korea 'today'

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note available in Korea 'today'


Samsung has announced the Korean release of a pink version of its Galaxy Note.

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We're still not sure if it's a phone or a tablet, and now we have another decision to make when shopping for Samsung's Galaxy Note — the color. A pink version of the five-million-selling device has been made available in South Korea today, according to the manufacturer, though after calling around we weren't able to find it on sale anywhere just yet. In any case, both the Note and the S Pen are fully clad in the fetching shade of fuchsia, and like the similarly-hued Galaxy S II the company explicitly states its desire to go after women with the product. It might not be a bad demographic for Samsung to target, in general — one of our main problems with the Note was its lack of pocketability, so it's probably a better fit for bags than jeans.

Hyunhu Jang contributed to this report.