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300-step Rube Goldberg machine sets new world record (video)

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The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers' 300-step Rube Goldberg machine has set a new world record.

rube goldberg world record
rube goldberg world record

In an age of intuitive interface design and efficient operation, it's refreshing to know that some people are working towards the exact opposite goal. That's what the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers has done with its Rube Goldberg machine, which inflates and bursts a balloon over the course of 300 increasingly ridiculous steps involving juicing oranges, making a hamburger, and blowing an antique train whistle. The effort smashes the team's own world record, which took a comparatively streamlined 244 steps. Think about this team's work the next time you hear a company in patent litigation claim there was no other way to design its product.