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Share iOS screenshots to a Mac painlessly with Photo Stream tweak

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John Marstall of The Iconmaster provides a guide for automatically sharing screenshots from an iPad or iPhone through Photo Stream.

ipad start
ipad start

If, like us, you regularly take screenshots on an iPhone or iPad, you'll have probably worked out a system for getting those images off the device. Over at The Iconmaster, John Marstall is looking to streamline the process, avoiding even the relatively minimal inconvenience of sharing through Dropbox. Instead, he's set his Apple devices to use Photo Stream, then created a custom search to find PNG screenshots and even differentiate between the resolutions for different devices. Once the search is saved and added to the Dock on a Mac, you'll get an auto-updating screenshot folder. This obviously only works if you're solidly within the Apple ecosystem, but it's a clever solution for Photo Stream users. Head on over to Marstall's site for a full guide.