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Verizon HTC Trophy getting latest Windows Phone update soon

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Verizon's HTC Trophy is getting an update to what appears to be build 8107 of the Windows Phone OS, which will fix bugs and offer minor upgrades.

HTC Trophy
HTC Trophy

Verizon's HTC Trophy — the sole Windows Phone offering for people on the network — is getting an update to what looks like the 8107 build of the OS. Verizon's support page for the Trophy lists an update "coming soon;" the new version isn't listed but will apparently fix a bug that makes the keyboard disappear while typing, suggesting that it will bring the phone up to 8107, the latest version of WP7.

Besides fixing the disappearing keyboard, the update will improve voice mail notifications when traveling outside the US, enable the Wireless Alerting System, and improve text messaging and downloading large software updates, among other things (PDF). It's not as exciting as some of the Windows Phone news we've seen lately, but it's a good sign that Verizon has decided to keep its only Windows Phone roughly up to date, especially since AT&T balked at rolling out the bug fixes.