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Mozilla demos browser-based video chat app for Firefox

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Mozilla has shown off a working demo of a video chat app that works in your browser.

Mozilla video chat
Mozilla video chat

Mozilla has been finding unique ways to show off the power of web tools, and its latest attempt is a video chat app that works in your browser. The app utilizes the WebRTC standard, which is an open-source project used to enable real-time communication between browsers, and it was built using Javascript and HTML. In the demo Mozilla uses a modified version of Firefox that includes support for WebRTC, as well as an additional add-on called SocialAPU. The app itself is fairly basic, letting you make calls between two people and check who is online using Persona ID-powered friends list, but not much else. Of course, it's only a demo for now, but Mozilla says that it's working towards bringing WebRTC to its browser sometime in the next few months. And if it works well enough, maybe we'll finally have a decent alternative to Skype.