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Internet star Ze Frank returns with inspirational debut for new web series

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Ze Frank has finally launched the sequel to his pioneering web series the show with zefrank.


After spending a year in 2006 captivating the internet with his hilarious daily web show, Ze Frank took a long break — but now he's back. Frank has just released the first episode of his much-anticipated new series called a show with ze frank, which follows the similarly titled the show with ze frank, offering a short but engaging few minutes of video that show Frank doing what he does best — talking. In just three minutes he manages to jump between being hilarious and inspirational, all the while discussing his reasoning behind launching another series.

The format is similar to the original, which kicked off on March 17th, 2006, ran for exactly a year, and managed to spawn a number of notable internet moments. These include the Earth Sandwich Project, which challenged viewers to find someone on the opposite side of the world so that they could both place a piece of bread on the ground and thus create an "Earth sandwich." However, this time around the show will include even more interactive elements. "I will be asking you to make things, to do things, and to surprise me," Frank wrote on his Kickstarter page (which raised $146,752 to get the show running). So far, that seems to be manifesting itself in the new "missions" section of his site, which asks viewers to record a 20 second audio clip describing a recent dream. We're not quite sure what Frank will be doing these clips, but with a new episode likely coming out on Wednesday, it shouldn't be long before we find out.