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Researchers create robotic rings to turn your hand into a blinking anthropomorphic face

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Researchers at Keio University have developed a set of robotic rings that mimic basic human eye and mouth movements, providing a new form of interactive play.

Robotic rings from DigInfo
Robotic rings from DigInfo

We've seen robots that fight each other and ones that cover The Beatles, but what about robots you can wear on your fingers? That's what researchers at Keio University have dreamed up with a set of robotic rings that they hope will augment playtime for children as well as adults. Consisting of two separate eyes and a mouth module, the rings are designed to mimic the basic expressions of the human face. "When you wear this robot on your hand, it forms a medium for communication using the hand," one of the researchers told DigInfo TV. The researchers feel that its toy-like appearance makes it a good fit for children, and that by making the device whimsical they hope to take wearable robotics "beyond the research stage." The rings are currently controlled remotely with a specialized control box and attached computer, but the researchers are already planning future iterations that will be able to sense motion by the wearer — or those nearby — to fuel articulation without direct control.