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Play This: 'Astro Break'

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Astro Break is an entry for the 48-hour Ludum Dare game creation competition, pitting you against asteroids.

Astro Break
Astro Break

Equal parts Asteroids and Contra, hulahulahest's Astro Break pits you and your laser pistol against treacherous space rocks. Destroying asteroids will occasionally yield weapon upgrades or score-boosting snacks, but your shots are limited by a heat gauge, and you don't have much room to maneuver. Tack on the asteroids' chaotic orbit and the minuscule playing field, and you're looking a limited life expectancy.

The game was crafted in 48-hours for Ludum Dare. The competition has been taking place every few months since 2002, and the theme for the competition's tenth anniversary is "tiny worlds." Astro Break is rather simple, but it's nonetheless a fun little timewaster. When you're through, be sure to check out two more excellent tiny world entries: Super Mario Summary, and Millinaut.