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Foursquare check-ins used to map neighborhood trends

New project from Carnegie Mellon University uses social networking check-in data to map and track neighborhood development in major cities.

livehoods screenshot
livehoods screenshot

For residents of several key metropolitan hubs across the US, Foursquare check-ins are being used for more than just sharing information with friends. A new study by Carnegie Mellon University called the Livehoods Project is harnessing geotagged social media posts to analyze and map neighborhood trends across New York, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. Livehoods layers data over Google Maps, outlining neighborhoods and frequently visited locations by pulling data from over 18 million Foursquare check-ins. Users can get a bird's eye view of when certain areas are most active and find other neighborhoods with similar characteristics. The goal of the project is to provide real-time demographic and behavioral statistics for residents, local businesses, and governing bodies. Though currently limited in scope, users can vote on which cities the project will expand to next via Facebook.