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'Indie Game: The Movie' soundtrack has new music by Jim Guthrie, MP3 / vinyl pre-orders available now

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Canadian singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie continues his professional love affair with the indie video game scene with a soundtrack for the Sundance award-winning doc, Indie Game: The Movie.

IGTM vinyl
IGTM vinyl

Canadian songwriter Jim Guthrie began his professional love affair with video games in earnest last year after writing a fantastic soundtrack to Capy Games' much-lauded iPad adventure game, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Now after a full-length solo release he's back chumming with the indie gaming scene, providing a stirring score for the Sundance award-winning Indie Game: The Movie.

Guthrie is no stranger to crafting tense and curious musical moods, and Indie Game's up-close portraits of game developers Phil Fish, Jonathan Blow, Edmund McMillen, and Tommy Refenes benefit hugely from his uniquely-refined approach. The soundtrack can be pre-ordered now on MP3 or vinyl, the latter of which nets you some very slick packaging designed by Polygon logo designer Cory Schmitz.

The soundtrack releases in full on May 15th, but for now you can get four MP3 tracks by pre-ordering on Bandcamp. The film itself is also premiering in a number of cities in the US and Canada in the coming weeks, so be sure to check the official site for details.