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Logitech iPad case and keyboard charges itself with solar power

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An upcoming Logitech keyboard for the new iPad integrates solar cells that can charge the keyboard. It has not been officially announced, but a posting on Best Buy includes specifications.

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Logitech Solar Keyboard
Logitech Solar Keyboard

An early posting at Best Buy has given us a look at a new solar-powered keyboard by Logitech. The 15.9-ounce case-and-stand combination integrates what looks like a stiff keyboard with a case and solar panels on the back; it connects to the new iPad with Bluetooth, and the keyboard (though not the iPad itself) can run on solar power. The Best Buy posting lists it "coming soon" for $129.99, $30 more than Logitech's non-solar keyboard and stand and quite a bit pricier than some other keyboard alternatives.

We're not sure yet when the case will go on sale, and even Best Buy's listing appears to have been a mistake. Dave Zatz, who originally found the posting, was asked by Logitech to remove his post. Best Buy may simply have jumped the gun a little, but this means we might also be seeing some tweaks to the keyboard before it's released. For now, the current posting is still available here.