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Flickr launches deep integration with Pinterest

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Flickr users are now able to share images direct to Pinterest, with the photographer's details kept with the image no matter how often it's repinned.

Flickr Pinterest 1
Flickr Pinterest 1

Fresh from its uploader update, Flickr users are now able to share photos direct to Pinterest thanks to a new collaboration between the two photo sharing services. While Pinterest users will be pleased to hear that they're now able to send Flickr photos direct to their pinboards, Flickr product manager Markus Spiering told us that it's also motivated by a desire to improve rights protection for photographers.

Any images that are sent to Pinterest from Flickr will keep the attribution for the photographer no matter how many times it gets repinned and will also add the photographer's details to any images hosted on Flickr that have simply been added using the URL. This also works if your photos are Pinned from other sites.

Share via Pinterest will be added to the sharing menu above each photo, and if you use it often enough it'll become one of your quick sharing options. If you don't want your images shared you're also able to opt out of the service, which will prevent your images from appearing on Pinterest altogether. However, Flickr sees the attribution as being a great way for users to discover other work by their favorite photographers.


Update: Pinterest got in touch with us to let us know that Benhance, Vimeo, and YouTube attribution has also been added.