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The Verge team expands: say hello to our newest writers!

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The Verge team continues to grow

verge orange logo
verge orange logo

As you know, we've been adding some members to the Verge team over the last couple of months. Just recently, we brought on the brilliant and talented Scott Lowe, Nate Ralph, Amar Toor, and Josh Kopstein — all of whom have been doing amazing work for the site. We also just took on Evan Rodgers, a member of our forums who'd been doing smart, detailed writing all on his own.

Now I'm happy to announce that two new wonderful humans are joining the staff: Tim Carmody, one of the brains behind Snarkmarket (and formerly of Wired), and Ben Popper, the founding editor of Betabeat and lately of VentureBeat fame. Both Ben and Tim are incredibly accomplished writers and editors with a track record of breaking news, offering intelligent insight, and generally being awesome at what they do. I couldn't be more pleased to welcome them to the crew. In the upcoming days and weeks, you can plan on seeing in-depth reporting and thought pieces from both, and the whole team is excited to collaborate with them on evolving what The Verge does.

And on that note, we're not nearly finished when it comes to building a staff of the best writers and thinkers in our industry. Check out our jobs page if you're passionate about what you do and think you can contribute to our team — we're eager to expand the family.