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Build your own 8-bit computer in a few (somewhat complex) steps

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A DIYer has decided to document his experience building an 8-bit computer to provide a helpful guide for anyone else looking to do the same.

8-bit computer display
8-bit computer display

One day Kyle Hovey teamed up with a buddy to make a functioning computer in the world of Minecraft, but the virtual version was only a start, and eventually he decided he wanted to build an 8-bit computer in real life. The problem was he couldn't find much information on the internet about how to actually build one, so Hovey decided to document his experience so that anyone else looking to build one of their own would have an easy-to-follow guide. The process isn't complete yet, but his blog already has a number of useful posts, including which parts to use and even some helpful textbooks from the 1970s. The computer is currently in the testing phase, but there's one last crucial step before it's complete — designing a steampunk case to keep everything together.