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Rihanna and Beyonce: the two poles of the social web?

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The New York Times examines different methods of shaping an online persona by looking at the social media presences of Rihanna and Beyonce.

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Anyone who uses the internet as a public platform for their private life must decide how they want to shape the face they present to the world. This short piece in The New York Times defines two celebrities — Beyonce and Rihanna — as opposite poles in social media, contrasting Rihanna's unfiltered spontaneity with Beyonce's measured grace. "Will you be a Beyonce, and present a carefully groomed version of yourself to the Web?" asks Jenna Wortham. "Or will you take Rihanna’s road and throw caution to the wind, baring your life, your friends and occasionally, your unmentionables?" Of course, there's also a third possibility: that both methods are just as carefully or unconsciously deployed, the one no more "real" than the other.