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Mozilla comes out against CISPA, says 'the bill infringes on our privacy'

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While CISPA has garned support from many tech-industry titans, Mozilla has come out against the cyber-security legislation.

Firefox Logo
Firefox Logo

Despite the apprehension felt by many over CISPA, the bill continues to have many high-profile supporters in the tech industry, including the likes of Intel, Oracle, and Microsoft. Mozilla, however, is speaking out, telling Forbes in a statement that while the company does believe there is a need for stronger safeguards, "CISPA has a broad and alarming reach that goes far beyond Internet security" and "infringes on our privacy." While many companies have lined up in the CISPA debate, one of the heaviest hitters of them all — Google — has been missing in action, despite the company's participation in events protesting SOPA earlier this year. When contacted, Google told Forbes that the company is "watching the process closely," but has yet to take any formal stance on the legislation.