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A utility of subtraction: the 'Wordless Web' invites you to a calmer, more visual internet

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An experiment by Ji Lee and Cory Forsyth called the "Wordless Web" hides text and leaves only images behind.

Wordless Web Screenshot
Wordless Web Screenshot

An internet without context — this is the fundamental idea behind Ji Lee and Cory Forsyth's experiment, "Wordless Web." The team has created a bookmarklet that removes text from a website, leaving only images and the page layout behind. On his blog, Lee says that, without text, "[you're] free to enjoy the images in their purest form, without names, labels, definitions, or purpose."

Both Forsyth and Lee have interesting histories; Forsyth is the creator of, while Lee was previously a creative director for Google who now works for Facebook. If you'd like join these two on their existential journey to discover the "Wordless Web," give the bookmarklet after the source a go. Here's what the front page of The Verge looks like; why not give our features page a try?