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Google testing expanded search results layout

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Google has started testing a new search results area that will sit to the right of regular results, providing expanded information related to your search.

Lost search results
Lost search results

Google has started testing a new search results area that will give detailed information on a particular subject alongside regular results. Search Engine Land (SEL) reports that the new area, situated to the right of the traditional results, will list encyclopedic stubs on actors, musicians, movies, famous people, tv shows, books, and also pull in Google+ information from your circles. SEL first noticed that Google was testing a "Sources" box last November, but as well as dropping the name, the idea seems to have developed a little since then. The site hypothesizes that the new area is part of Google's search refresh that The Wall Street Journal reported on back in March.

As you can see from the image above, searching for the TV show 'Lost' will bring up the first sentence from the Wikipedia article, dates for the first and final episodes, production team, and actors, along with suggested related search terms. Clicking on one of the items will start a new Google search. If you're a Google+ user, updates and media from your Circles will appear above the new results. At present the feature is only appearing for a select few users, and it's not clear if or when there will be a global rollout.