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Kinect LiveAR concept lets iPad users get in on the action (video)

Premium Agency's LiveAR lets users interact with Kinect, digital signage, and other video cameras by throwing up CG elements from an iPad app.


It can be hard enough finding the space for two people to play Kinect games together, let alone more than that, but a solution of sorts could be on the way from Premium Agency. The Japanese company develops CGI software and the occasional game such as Death By Cube for Xbox Live Arcade, and took to the Smartphone and Mobile Expo in Tokyo, Japan this week to show off its LiveAR software.

The program matches an iPad app to the Kinect so that people in the background can affect the on-screen action by throwing up fireballs, balloons, and so on from their touchscreen. LiveAR isn't quite ready to be used in a marketable product right now, but beyond gaming Premium Agency expects the technology to be used with traditional video cameras in applications such as live events and digital signage.