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HTC Locations Windows Phone app now charging for voice-guided navigation features

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HTC is now charging for its voice-guided Windows Phone Locations software.

HTC Locations
HTC Locations

HTC's range of Windows Phone devices received a fairly major bump to the pre-installed Locations app in March, adding offline navigation. Unfortunately, it seems the free voice-guided navigation feature was a short-lived promotion as HTC is now charging for this particular function. US pricing is $4.99 for 30 days, $19.99 for a year, or $29.99 for an "unlimited" license.

HTC accepts payment through a variety of major credit card providers, but the revelation of paid navigation will be disappointing to owners who thought Locations would rival Nokia's free turn-by-turn Drive app. HTC owners can still download individual maps with the app, but voice-guided navigation will require a license.