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Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 OTA update rolling out

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Samsung is rolling out an OTA update for the Galaxy Note, bringing Android 4.0 to its oversized Smartphone.

Galaxy Note OTA ICS
Galaxy Note OTA ICS

Samsung has started pushing out an over-the-air update that brings Android 4.0 to its Galaxy Note smartphone. The news was broken by Devin Balentina, who included a screenshot of his Dutch Galaxy Note notifying him that the 318MB update was available to download. Unfortunately, his location makes this update likely to only roll out to users with the GT-N7000 international Note — AT&T customers with the SGH-i717 Note will have to wait for their carrier to push out its own firmware. The release of an OTA update marks a break from the norm for Samsung, which generally requires its devices to update to Android 4.0 via the Samsung Kies desktop software.

Samsung delayed the release of the ICS update to Q2 back in March, promising a new "Premium Suite" of S Pen apps in exchange for a longer wait. Unfortunately, the new suite appears to be restricted to a pair of updated apps; The S Note App and S Memo Widget are the only ones listed as improved in the pop-up notification. Let us know if you've successfully updated your Galaxy Note in comments; what do you think of TouchWiz over Android 4.0, and are there any additional improvements that Samsung failed to mention?