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Nokia Lumia 900 now on sale in the UK, includes 'Tango' updates

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Nokia's Lumia 900 is now on sale in the UK and ships with the latest Windows Phone feature improvements.

Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 900 in white, hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 900 in white, hands-on photos

Nokia's HSPA+ variant of the Lumia 900 is now shipping in the UK. The 4.3-inch device, running Windows Phone 7.5, is available from Phones4U today exclusively in white. Cyan and black editions are not available from Phones4U immediately, but Nokia has informed us that the Lumia 900 will be on sale more widely across the UK tomorrow.

Complete with Nokia's exclusive Drive and Music apps, the UK version of the Lumia 900 also features Microsoft's latest Windows Phone updates, bumping the version to build 8773.98. The updates include the "Tango" feature additions we first saw at Mobile World Congress and a new location icon to indicate when the device's GPS is being used. Microsoft isn't saying exactly when existing devices will get these updates, but the company previously promised it would "start the process of working with mobile operators to bring an update to current customers" after its range of Windows Phone Tango phones launched.