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Pebble smartwatch sells out: $10 million raised and over 85,000 sold

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The Pebble smartwatch project on Kickstarter has reached its order cap of 85,000 watches, raising over $10 million. The first watches will be shipped in September.

Pebble smartwatch
Pebble smartwatch

Would-be Pebble early adopters are officially too late. Shortly after announcing that they would be capping orders at 85,000 units, the team reached its goal and has closed down orders for the e-paper smartwatch. There are still eight days to go on the Kickstarter project, but the only available pledge is $1, which will get you "exclusive updates, Pebble availability, or more." The Pebble team, meanwhile, has around five months to build and ship a total of 85,420 watches with a growing list of features, including waterproofing, fitness tracking, and Bluetooth 4.0. Fortunately, they've got over $10 million to play with, or about $117 per watch.

For those of us who missed out on the Kickstarter, Pebble will be taking orders "eventually" for its first retail sales. According to the team's latest post, they'll retail for $150, a bit more than the $115 or $125 they sold for on Kickstarter, and they'll ship well after the Kickstarter orders. You can check out the Pebble site here or read the Reddit AMA for more details.