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Nokia-branded Windows Phone Marketplace spotted in latest Lumia 900 software

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Microsoft's latest Windows Phone update includes Nokia branding for the Marketplace on Lumia 900 devices.

Nokia Lumia 900 marketplace branding
Nokia Lumia 900 marketplace branding

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace on the Lumia 900 is now being branded with Nokia's own logo. The minor change does not alter the functionality of the Marketplace, but it's one of the first signs of Nokia's influence on the Windows Phone operating system. Nokia Lumia 900 devices shipping in the UK include the latest 8773 build of Windows Phone with a new Marketplace logo (seen above).

Nokia's original deal with Microsoft included a plan to open a new Nokia-branded global application store that utilizes the Windows Phone Marketplace infrastructure. Although the global application store isn't ready just yet, this subtle change appears to be the first steps towards such a move. Nokia recently announced some third-party exclusive Windows Phone apps for its Lumia handsets, due to arrive in the coming months, so these particular apps may be part of a broader Nokia Marketplace.

Microsoft's recent Barnes & Noble deal also includes references to branded Windows Phone Marketplaces that can be operated by Microsoft or its affiliates. If both Nokia and Barnes & Noble are planning branded Windows Phone Marketplaces, then it's possible that a deal last year between Microsoft and Samsung means the Korean company could also be planning the same type of Marketplace. Samsung and Microsoft agreed to "cooperate in the development and marketing" of Windows Phone, it just remains to be seen whether other OEMs are also working closely with Microsoft on Windows Phone branding.