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Toshiba to release 55-inch 4K 3DTV in Japan for under $9,500

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Toshiba is releasing a new 4K 3DTV this June in Japan. The 55XS5 will require glasses to view 3D content, but will cost 150,000 Yen less than its glasses-free predecessor.

Toshiba REGZA 55XS5 (credit impress watch)
Toshiba REGZA 55XS5 (credit impress watch)

Toshiba is set to release a 55-inch 3DTV with a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution for around 750,000 Yen (roughly $9410) this June. The Japan-only Regza 55XS5 is very similar to the glasses-free 3D 55X3 we reported on back in December, but with two key differences; the 55XS5 requires glasses for viewing 3D and will be a full 150,000 Yen ($1880) cheaper than the 55X3. It's not yet clear whether the 55XS5 will face the same 1280 x 720 resolution restriction for 3D content as the 55X3.

Although some may bemoan the need to wear glasses to watch 3D content, the lack of a complex parallax barrier system, as used in the previous model, should visibly improve black levels and overall brightness. There's no news on international availability or pricing at present, but a variant of the 55X3 made it to the UK priced at £6,999, so there's hope for the rest of the world yet.