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Use 3D printing to make a cheap tilt-shift camera lens adapter

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If you don't feel like dropping a few thousand dollars on a new tilt-shift lens, you can now try and make a suitable adapter using 3D printing.

3D printed tilt-shift adapter
3D printed tilt-shift adapter

Tilt-shift photography is great, but picking up the right lens is costly. Thankfully there's a new Instructables to show you how to make a tilt-shift adapter for your camera for much less, though you'll need access to a 3D printer and some modelling skills to pull it off. In order to build the adapter you'll first have to take a series of measurements of your camera and lens using a calliper so that you can build a 3D model (or modify an existing one to your own specs), and then you'll need to decide how much of a tilt you want to create. The creator, Joe Murphy, says that he's achieved the best results with a tilt of around 10-12 degrees. Once that's all set all you need to do is print it, potentially make a few small adjustments so that it will fit your camera nice and snuggly, and there you have it: a cheap and easy adapter for taking tilt-shift photos.