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ROFLCon: 'I saw God and put it on YouTube'

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ROFLCon 2012 video

Paul Vasquez
Paul Vasquez

You may have already heard that we were at ROFLCon 2012 last weekend. As a convention, ROFLCon is a varied assortment of characters, media, academics, and people who obsess over internet culture, viral videos, memes, and the celebrity that sometimes appears along with these things. There were some cool things to see there, and plenty of interesting people to talk to.

If you need any further advice that memes are mainstream, feel free to check out this New York Times story from today about rage 'toons. The mainstreaming of memes might be in part to blame for the hiatus ROFLCon has just gone on the organizers haven't made their reasons clear but what is clear is that internet culture is very quickly approaching the status of being a legitimate topic of debate for academics, and the subject of serious books. We tried not to take it all that seriously, and you can see some of what we experienced in the video below.