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Samsung says Galaxy S III uses Pentile AMOLED display due to longer lifespan

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Samsung has defended its use of a Pentile AMOLED display, saying that it was included to add longevity to the device.

galaxy s iii
galaxy s iii

While there was much excitement around the announcement of Samsung's Galaxy S III, certain aspects of the device were met with disappointment, in particular its Pentile AMOLED display. However, Samsung has defended its use of the subpixel layout — which uses one red and one blue subpixel for every two green ones, which can cause issues with image quality and color — telling MobileBurn that it continues to use Pentile for its AMOLED displays because they tend to have a longer lifespan. But given that most users only keep a device for around two years, we have to wonder whether it's worth the trade-off of longevity for quality. Of course, Pentile displays have been less of an issue in higher resolution devices like the Galaxy Note, but for pixel enthusiasts the Galaxy S III's display may still end up being a disappointment. As our own Vlad Savov explained in a recent editorial, "Pentile displays belong in the past."