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Facebook launching file sharing tool for Groups this week

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Facebook is adding file-sharing options to Groups, a feature that was previously only available to students participating in Groups for Schools.

Mashable FB Group file sharing
Mashable FB Group file sharing

As Facebook grows, it's expanding from a social site to a full-fledged web platform. An update over the next few days will add the option to share files of up to 25MB with members of a Group. According to Mashable, members of a Group can upload almost any type of file using the menu above; the only forbidden formats are music and executable program files. Facebook says that "users can report files the same way they can with other content across the site," something it hopes will curb illegal file-sharing.

Facebook currently says that the service is available to a "small percentage" of groups, and that it will be available to all groups soon. Students, of course, have had this option for a while: the feature was included with Groups for Schools in April. Facebook has previously said that file sharing was one of the most requested features in Groups, so we're glad to see it coming to the general population. With the Facebook IPO looming, of course, we're also a bit curious as to whether the company has any plans to monetize this with special features or more storage space down the line.